{Collins} Elections

It is the time of the year for CCA Board Elections. To view your board members, click on

The only board member whose term is expiring - is Mine! I have certainly enjoyed the time as Vice President and President and will still be around to help with the web site, Signal Magazine and Dayton booth. This has been an opportunity to help make some fun changes and make LOTS of great friends. The CCA is growing and in good shape - also the current board members are focused on carrying on in the same direction so I feel really good the future of the CCA.

Therefor we have one board slot available. If you have an interest in running for election and are a CCA paid member, please contact me off line via email or phone. I know that Ron, our new treasurer and now has an appointed Board membership, will be running.

Scott Kerr - KE1RR
President - Collins Collectors Association
Editor - Signal Magazone

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