{Collins} Rockwell-Collins 85S-1 for sale

out of my personal collection I have available for sale a Rockwell-Collins 851S-1 Receiver.

The 851S-1 has 7 Collins mechanical filters and offers bandwidths 0.2 kHz, 0.5 kHz, 1 kHz, 3 kHz, 6 kHz, LSB and USB as well as 16 kHz due to the roofing filter. The receiver has modes SSB, CW, AM. 
Tuning step is 10 Hz.

There are no optional boards installed: No IF Channel B, no VBFO, no AFC, no Parallel IN, no Parallel OUT, no Serial card and no high stability oscillator.
I do have a couple optional boards these can be purchased at additional cost.

Pictures are available on request. 

Overall condition is very good to excellent, no marks on the front panel, a few smaller scratches on the top and bottom cover due to rack mounting. The VFO knob insert has a couple light scratches and small marks.

The 851S-1 is in fully working condition.

Price is $ 1.200 
I will ship worldwide with DHL Express as fully insured parcel. I will pack very carefully in a strong triple wall export box (10mm wall thickness) with styrofoam cushioning.

Please ask for shipping charges to your destination. As a hint expect about $ 220 shipping to the US.

vy 73 de Heinz DH2FA, KM5VT

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