Re: {Collins} unknown filter identification

Never heard of an F499 prefix, but my 1968 Collins mechanical filter catalog lists the 526-9481-00 as an F500Z-16, Upper SB, 8 kHz @ 3dB, "Y" style filter.
Possibly the suffix "010" alters this spec though.

If you have the time, why not connect a signal generator and look at the filter output?

73, Charlie k3ICH

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Fat fingers!  The cross is F499A02F and NOT F499A02E. Glen, K9STH 

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For anyone who just might have one of the 526-9841-010 mechanical filters that I was seeking information, the part number was found in a 1991 Collins catalog and "crosses" to F499A02E.  If memory serves me correctly, that would be, basically, an LSB filter for a 500 kHz i.f.

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