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The way I described the front panel earlier might have been better. I meant to say the front panel is actually two piece construction. The structural part is a sheet of stamped aluminium which is welded to the chassis while the decorative part is an overlay or applique which is attached with adhesive. The "unauthorized" switch holes will be present in both parts of course but if you are able to effectively replace the overlay this will vastly improve the cosmetics for you.
The seller who had the 32S parts chassis was hamandhifi (or something close to that) and may be between listings for them right now. He has been listing and relisting three of them in the recent past and as far as I know none have sold yet. 
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Hmmmm, I'll have to look into how the panel is attached. I saw a guy auctioning off a 32S-3A panel and figured that there must be some 32S-3 panels out there.

The only chassis I see on ebay right now are for KWM-2.  I'll poke around again.


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If I'm not mistaken, isn't the front panel welded to the chassis? If this is the case, the only remedies would be to either patch the hole, try to recreate the Collins texture and touch-up with an airbrush or replace the front panel applique for a more invisible repair. There is a seller on the popular Internet "auction site" currently offering several stripped 32S chassis which still have front panels. It might  be possible to carefully remove the applique from a 32S donor and re-install it on yours.
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What are the chances of finding a front panel for a 32S-3 in good condition. 

I have a 32S-3 that someone mounted a power switch in the panel and I would like to return it to "stock" looking.

Been looking at the typical sites - ebay, QTH, QRZ, etc..... Any other places?

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