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Census records might help.

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We know that Merle H. Collins ( Arthur's Father) and his Father, the Rev. Josephus Collins, moved from Wellington, Kansas to Kingfisher in 1896.  Both Josephus and M. H. (then 17 and of legal age) filed for homesteads in Kingfisher and built two homes there.  Ben Stearns reported that he found the homes still in use in 1996 - 100 years later.  My guess is that they are still there.

Ben would have been able to tell us where they were, but I fear that information is now lost unless we can find Ben's notes on this.

I can find no record of the address in Kingfisher.


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Hi Folks,

I’m posting this for Darell Brehm (of International Crystal Mfg) who read in the recent Q3 2017 that Art Collins was born in Kingfisher, Oklahoma. It happens that Darell will be in Kingfisher in the near future and was curious if anyone knows the address of the home associated with Art Collins in Kingfisher. Although it is unlikely that the structure currently exists, Darell would like to take a photo of it, or where it once was.
Anyone have any information on this?

Don, W5QN
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