Re: {Collins} WTB: Collins Collins F455FA AM Filter for 75S-3

Same here. 75S-3 with AM filter installed with provisions exactly as Glen describes.
Jim WA9Z

On 11/8/2017 3:24 PM, Glen Zook via Collins wrote:
Not so!  The 75S-3 / 75S-3A definitely have provision for an AM filter!  There is a "cut out" next to the CW filter where an optional AM filter can be installed.  Of course, the internal 2-each i.f. can AM filter has to be disconnected and the AM filter installed using those terminals on the mode switch.

My 75S-3A has had an AM filter for decades!

  Glen, K9STH

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Thank you and yes for the 75S-3C.


On Wed, Nov 8, 2017 at 1:24 PM Peter Wittenberg Sr <K2LRC@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Mack, do you mean for the 75S-3B/C??  The 75S-3 has no provision for an extra AM filter
  -73- Peter K2LRC

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