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I have had good success with striping solid color PVC insulated wire using the Sharpie brand permanent markers. Just put one end of the base color wire (usually white) in vise and take the free end of an adequate length wire in the battery drill to give it a few twists then run the marker along the length of the wire. When it is free and un twists a bit it looks like the factory made item. I know---it isn't the real deal original Collins part and I can already hear the gagging from the Collins authorities---but it repairs the radio and looks like new. True, the marker is permanent but will fade away a bit if you handle the wire a lot. But, the exercise is not meant for wire to be handled a lot, just installed and forgotten. I have not tried it with other insulation than PVC but will likely work with those too.
Paul K0UYA

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Does anyone have an old Collins loom or similar with striped wire, principally to rewire a KWS-1 power unit that has been marginally butchered, trying to get as near to original as possible. Area around filament transformer is missing. 73 Max M0GHQ *** You are subscribed to Collins as elespe@xxxxxxxxx. If you wish to unsubscribe, or modify your preferences please visit ***

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