{Collins} FW: Power cord wiring for 30L-1

Thank you for all your answers.  It appears that most 30L-1 owners run them
on 115 VAC rather than 220 VAC.  My personal preference was 220 VAC since I
had several amplifiers ( 2 30L-1 and 1 30S-1 ) run from the same power
source in a standby operation.  I have my radio shack wired for 110/220 VAC
to achieve a more balanced (and lower voltage drop)  AC power operation.
Changing from a 110 VAC to 220 VAC is relatively simple but it does require
a different plug (220 volt  pin configuration) and cutting  off that nice
molded 110 v plug.  Below are  Mike and Gary's opinion.


John (KI6ZS)


Mike wrote:

My experience with 30L-1s over the last 30 years they have been 60% 110 VAC
and  40% 220 VAC. With the current entrance service standard of 240/ 120 VAC
on the west coast I run one of each with no problem. One is on 120 and the
other on 240 without a Variac . So in my opinion, I would re-cord as wired
and let the new owner change it over if they choose .


Mike N7TLL 


Gary wrote:

These shipped with molded on 110 VAC plugs. 

Every one I have ever seen has been wired 110 VAC.

I'm guess Collecting next few gored that, back in 1962,most homes did not
even have 220. Mine didn't.

The 30S-1 was a horse of a different color. Sold to the more affluent, every
single one I have ever seen was wired for 220, assuming presence of 220
service quite common in the affluent home in 1962.






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I am putting a new power cord on my 30L-1.  Since I want to sell the unit in
the near future my question is:  Are most 30L-1s wired for 220 VAC or 110


Thank you for your help


John (KI6ZS)

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