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I had applied Deoxit to the band switches and tightened all screws that I could access. I was surprised at the number of screws that could loosen with the xcvr just sitting there. you'd think they would freeze in place.On 20 meters I get zero grid drive on the S-meter, but a slight output (2-watts) on the dummy load - go figure. Still doing fine on 80 and 40.I'll be out of the shack till Wednesday but will be reading the mail.Thank you, all for your responses.RushWB6LXG
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    On Sunday, October 1, 2017 7:35 AM, Dexter White <dexter.white@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

 I experienced this same problem some time back when I was learning how to align (or more to the point, how not to align) a Collins transmitter.  

I connected a VOM to the RCA jack on my Heathkit “cantenna”.  The output from the transmitter is connected to the SO-239 jack.  

I set my VOM to the millivolt range and began the alignment procedure.  It is found on page 4-9 of the KWM-2/2A Instruction book, 8th edition dated Oct 15, 1971.  Set the trimmer capacitors exactly as instructed.

A very faint sign of output can be observed this way.  Once you see it, you can peak the capacitor to get the output to register on the S-meter.  Then it’s all downhill to getting a robust signal output. 

I brought a 32S-3A boat anchor back to life this way.  It’s amazing what a tiny adjustment can do (or undo)!

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> On Sep 30, 2017, at 9:12 PM, Rush Williams <rjwilliams1@xxxxxxx> wrote:
> The KWM-2A loads fine on 80 and 40, 90+ watts on a Waters dummy load. But, nothing on 20 and above, zero grid. I read somewhere that there are different stages used above the 40 meter bands. I cannot find that article. I have looked in the RX files. Any suggestions?RushWB6LXG RJ WilliamsFideli Certa MercesFor the faithful there is just reward


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