{Collins} Complete S-line for sale

Downsized - no room for Collins equipment.  S-3 line:  32S-3; 30L-1;  312B-4; 516F (with Cabinet) - all winged emblem.  75S-3B, Round Emblem, S/N 85K, cw filter.  Recapped receiver and 516F.  All original cables and manuals - some spare parts ie. 30L-1 PS boards, misc.).  Third owner - original owner SCM for Central Div bought direct from CR factory (except 30L-1 -from John WB9VVT).  Station operated at YS1UL for 5 years.  No stuck ceramic trimmers.  VG or better.  Asking $2250 plus shipping CONUS.  Will double box. Dick K9ULW.  email:  K9ULW@xxxxxxxx

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