Re: {Collins} Mystery Navy radio

I looked on the Rockwell Collins Museum site to see if there were any early
radios that had similar appearance.  There were some 100 watt
receiver/transmitters sold to the Columbians (Collins 18A/B) in the late
30's but it appears they had tunable receivers.

I forwarded the message to a couple of the museum archivists to see if they
recognized the unit, but no response yet.  My guess it that it was not
Collins, but in the mid '30s, might be possible.  

Jim w0nkn

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Went right to the pic and started to do some research, including your site
before I realized it was you doing the asking.  My first thoughts were
perhaps it is airborne gear due to the power connector on the front panel,
there is no tuning knob, suggesting channelized operation, it appears to be
a RX and TX in one box, it is mounted on shock mounts, but then again, so
are the TCS series.  The radioman is wearing headphones which look like they
are plugged in the front of the lower unit, but I see no jack for a key on
the upper.  The odd thing to me is the speaker on the front panel, nothing I
have except morale radios have a front speaker and have never seen an
airborne set with a integral speaker. Noticed on your site and Henry Rodgers
site a few with what looks like a front speaker though.   Wondering if it is
a set on the channelized HF marine band freqs, and for that matter, when
were the marine freqs laid out channel style back then?

Charlie, W4MEC in NC
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