{Collins} KWM-2 relay issue

It happened overnight. This morning the screen voltages on my winged KWM-2
were missing, so there was no grid drive and consequently no output. The
jumper across J5 and J6 is on, so that is not the reason, but K4 and K3 do
not click on, neither in TUNE, LOCK or transmit. I cleaned K4 and checked
the coil with an ohmmeter. It reads 9340 ohms and thus within specs. K3
can't be open or shorted either as the coil is 10680 ohm with one lead to
the coil lifted. I don't any see voltages across the coils of the K4 and K3.
If there is a short in the circuit, it is strange that K2 will click on in
TUNE, LOCK and transmit.

Any advice will be appreciated.

Peter OZ8CTH



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