Re: {Collins} 75s1 power connector help

I cut off the center pin from a defunct octal tube.  The color doesn't really matter.  Besides, I don't know of any blue based octal sockets!  Then, drill a hole, in the center of the pin, that just passes a #4-40 machine screw about 1.5-inches long.  You can see where the alignment protrusion goes on the remainder of the plug in the receiver.  Put the machine screw through the "new" pin, put some fast drying epoxy on the portion remaining in the receiver, put the machine screw through the hole that is in the center of the connector, align the locator with the depression in the connector, put a 4-40 nut on the back of the machine screw where it comes through the back of the connector.  Then, tighten the machine screw to hold the new locator pin in place.

The machine screw gives the "new" locator pin strength so that it does not break in the future and the epoxy gives additional strength to the new pin.  I have done this on a "fair" number of Collins S-Line and KWM-2- series equipment.  Unfortunately, a broken center pin is NOT an unusual situation!

 Glen, K9STH 

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So I purchased a 75s1 and of course, the power alignment pin is broken off. Is there a pinout schematic for this out there?Google didn't help me this time. I have the power cord but of course, it was not marked......
George NE2I


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