{Collins} Bird Dummy Load


Not specifically Collins but related -- so I hope this is OK.

I have a Bird Termaline Coaxial Resistor. Have had it for a while and don't recall when or where 
I got it. Physically it is in decent shape -- no corrosion or dings in the fins or casting, N 
connector looks to be OK. Model 82A. Serial # 3084. 51.5 ohms. 500 watts. Can anyone give me more 
details. 500 watts for how long? Is there a higher rate for a short period? How old is it? How 
can I tell if it's good or could damage my 30L-1? What's the higher end of its frequency 
capabilities? Is it "special" like rare or old or particularly valuable -- or if "routine" 
valuable what range $$ is that? 

I tried to unscrew the concentric ring to remove the N connector. It unscrewed easily but did not 
slide apart. Seems like it got to the end of the threads and the ring just spins doesn't unscrew 
any further or come apart. When I retightened it the N connector post didn't seem to seat 
although the concentric ring did tighten. Have I caused a problem? 

Thanks for any enlightenment anyone can share.

John  W4FID

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