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I think you have caused a problem.   This is a very good load good to 3.5
GHz and, of course it is rated at 500 watts continuous when the oil is
filled - which it should be.  If you unscrewed the concentric containment
ring, then you should have gotten a messy oil spill.   The fact that you
thought you needed to undo that containment ring to get the N connector off
says to me that the load may have been modified.


Here is a picture of a complete Model 82A and you need to just undo  small
screws to remove the quick change fitting.  What the heck were you doing
removing the N connector anyway.   That tells me maybe you are using
PL-259s...  BAD!  The PL-259 is a CRAPPY conector.

Stick to the N and do your homework and make up N cables or BNC for smaller
power cables.

If the oil is gone, then the load is NOT rated at 500 Watts continuous and
you will have to experiment and see what power it can handle but you are on
shaky ground.  If the oil is there, then it will handle 500 watts average
and you can use it easily at legal limit if you keep the tuning short and
maintain a margin of safety for the average.

Send me a picture of what you have.  But, the reassembly is a problem.  I
have never tried to take one apart.


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Not specifically Collins but related -- so I hope this is OK.

I have a Bird Termaline Coaxial Resistor. Have had it for a while and don't
recall when or where I got it. Physically it is in decent shape -- no
corrosion or dings in the fins or casting, N connector looks to be OK. Model
82A. Serial # 3084. 51.5 ohms. 500 watts. Can anyone give me more details.
500 watts for how long? Is there a higher rate for a short period? How old
is it? How can I tell if it's good or could damage my 30L-1? What's the
higher end of its frequency capabilities? Is it "special" like rare or old
or particularly valuable -- or if "routine" 
valuable what range $$ is that? 

I tried to unscrew the concentric ring to remove the N connector. It
unscrewed easily but did not slide apart. Seems like it got to the end of
the threads and the ring just spins doesn't unscrew any further or come
apart. When I retightened it the N connector post didn't seem to seat
although the concentric ring did tighten. Have I caused a problem? 

Thanks for any enlightenment anyone can share.

John  W4FID

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