Re: {Collins} Wanted KWS-1 T502 BAD XMFR

I will probably be persecuted for blasphemy, and may be way off base
technically, but wouldn't a simple solution be to use SS rectifiers and thus
eliminate the need for the failure prone 2.5V purple tube filament
transformer completely?

Admittedly, I have never owned a KWS-1, so I may be offering an impossible

As an aside comment, I sure hope Gary is still in business as he offers a
very useful and valuable service to the boatanchor community.

73, Charlie k3ICH

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As you well know, the electrical design and mechanical construction of that
transformer is a major weakness in the KWS-1. Failure is extremity common
and a like replacement may not have much life.   The HV rectifier filament
transformer in my KWS-1 was bad as well, and I worked with Gary, WZ1M at
Transformer Rewinding Service in Maine on a much improved electrical and
mechanical design for the same case. Gary built this at reasonable price and
it works well.  I have, however, heard conflicting information as to whether
Gary is still in business. If you do obtain a case and inquire of him, it
would be good to let all of us know whether or not he is still in business.
Perhaps some on this list already have that information. 



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