{Collins} for sale- 75A4

   - I have for sale 75A4 purchased when in high school 60 years ago. It is in perfect condition -no scratches markings or blemishes.(CCA grade condition is very good condition)   

      - serial #3509.It has a 3.1kc mechanical filter.A complete overhaul including replacement of the black beauties capacitors was performed by Butch Schartau in 2010. I have used it sporadically over the last 10 years with very good results.   
In 2013 I purchased a replica of the 270G speaker from Morton Jones in Ramona Ca.This turned out to be a real good fit.   
This unit has been with me for such a long time and I would like to sell it to someone that would use it with a good home.The XYL says it's time...   
$1500 obo  

      - Ed-W4EMM 

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