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When I repaired my Bird 2500 watt load several years ago, I used Clearco
STO-50 silicone transformer oil, which was half the price that Bird was
asking.   However, the minimum order is 5 gallons.  My load only required 2
gallons, so I set aside a few ounces to keep on hand and sold the rest to
Larry W3LW who was also rebuilding a load.

The dielectric constant (permittivity) of STO-50 is 2.7, similar to the Dow
Corning oil that Bird resells.

Here's the spec sheet:


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> Glen I would respectfully disagree.  I think the most important attribute
> would be dielectric constant, which is all over the map with respect to
> various transformer oils.  I think thermal conductivity is secondary,
> especially with Bird loads, which are very conservatively rated.  I do an
> s11 sweep with my HP 8510C van when I add or change oil, and mineral oil
> gives the lowest reflectivity.  It also has a fairly low vapor pressure, so
> it doesn't expand the rubber bellows any appreciable amount.
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> You really need to use transformer oil and not "regular" mineral oil.
> Transformer oil is formulated to dissipate heat more than regular mineral
> oil can accomplish.

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