{Collins} For Sale: Spare Tube Set for Collins 75A-1 Receiver

I am cleaning in the backroom shelves and found this set of NOS tubes for the Collins 75A-1.  I sold the 75A-1 several years ago.  Gads what a wonderful receiver that was.  Best cw audio I’ve ever heard. I always bought a spare set of tubes to have on hand for those troubleshooting emergencies.  Time to move this set on.

It consists of the following 75A-1 tubes:
4 6SJ7
1 6L7
1 5AR4
1 6SA7
1 6SK7
2 6SH7
2 5654
1 6V6

It is missing the 6H6 so that must have been the tube that went bad in my 75A-1 at the time :)

Asking $50 plus a modest shipping and insurance cost.  Tubes are all in their original boxes, most are military surplus, and one or two commercial.  The 5654 military box is dated 11/1985 for example, another 1978,  so they are quite fresh in tube years :)  Sold as-is.

Thanks.  73, Scott WA9WFA

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