Re: {Collins} For Sale: Nice Collins Round Emblem 516F-2 Power Supply

;-)   You say the 516F-2 has no modifications, but yet you say it has a

Collins never shipped a single 516F-2 with a speaker in it.  That would have
undermined their 312B business.

Just FYI...  Your 516F-2 has been "modified"


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Hi, I am selling a beautiful Collins Round Emblem 516F-2 power supply that I
used to power my KWM-2A for many years and more recently my 32S-3A before
selling them a couple years ago.  This is my personal 516F-2 and not some
mystery Ebay auction or estate sale find.  

In my personal opinion, the power supply is in very clean condition with
original clean bright shiny finish, no holes, no modifications, no rust,
good speaker, a very nice looking unit with few distractions.  Frankly it
was a pleasure having it on the operating table.  It is a Round Emblem
model.  Please email for pictures and judge the condition for yourself.  

I did power it up and confirmed that it is working although it will be sold
as-is because I have no control over shipping.  If you are able to pick it
up locally (Minneapolis MN), we can power it up and confirm it is running
right in front of you.

Because of the weight of the chassis, the power supply will be shipped in
two boxes in order to ensure survival of the cabinet.  I won't ship it in
one box because of the extreme risk of the chassis weight distorting the
cabinet if the box is dropped upside down.  The first box will include the
power supply chassis.  The second box will include the cabinet rectifier
tubes, and feet.  I am planning to use Fed Ex Ground from 55110. 

Asking $325 plus shipping.  Thanks.  73, Scott WA9WFA
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