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Think it was a 180 series coupler, but there were a ton of those, so not sure which one.  I have one of the assemblies but not the rest of the unit.

By the way, it's a coupler not a tuner.  I shared an office with one of the coupler gurus and he threatened me with mayhem if I referred to his box as a tuner.  

I'll be at the RC Museum shortly and I'll see if we can nail down which couplers had those inductors.

I was a line of string guy (V/UHF) but got to talk to the guys that worked on all that great HF stuff. 

Jim w0nkn

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Can someone tell me the Collins model number of the antenna tuners that used a motorized roller drum with silver plated ribbon good for either
100 watts or 200 watts (can't remember which) and rolled onto of off of a metal shorting drum with 24v reversible motor?  I know there were quite a few came available in the mid 70's.  At any rate,  I am looking for the Collins model number that used those motor driven coils.

Thank you.

Jim Pruitt
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