Re: {Collins} Replacing the 30L-1 faceplate?

The process I have used about a dozen times with great success:

1) Remove all knobs, meter, black bezel
2) With a heat gun (not a hair dryer), heat one corner for several minutes. I start with the easies one, upper right corner.
3) When the panel is hot, use a SHARP putty knife, about 2 inches wide, to chisel the corner loose. it will peel away when the glue softens.
4) As the panel loosens, move the heat gun in the direction you are trying to push the putty knife slowly.
5) When you get about half way across, change to the lower right corner and do the same thing, then the upper left.
6) The lower left is the most difficult and should be the last since the panel will be mostly loose at this point.
7) Sand the old adhesive just enough to get rid of any high spots so they won’t poke through your new panel.

I have successfully removed panels that were still perfect and reusable with this method, just don’t try to go too fast.


> On Oct 12, 2017, at 10:53 PM, Henry Rehling via Collins <collins@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> I have found a replacement faceplate for my 30L-1 but need suggestions on how to go about removing the original faceplate that is very tightly glued to the front frame. Any ideas would be appreciated.
> Regards,  Henry Rehling. wb9tgr
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