{Collins} Reduced price -- SAC KWS-1 and 75A-5 -- Strategic Air Command -- see pix

I really need to sell these units as I am having to relocate
my ham shack and workshop and have less room.  The price for
the pair is $2,600.  I am willing to sell separate if the
KWS-1 goes first.

These are pick-up only in Friendswood, TX which as about 20 miles south
of downtown Houston.  For pictures of the units, go to:

  75A-4     https://postimg.org/gallery/1z2mt0uw6/

  Kws-1     https://postimg.org/gallery/28fexu352/

For those unfamiliar with these, they are stock Collins units that were modified by removing the 10 meter crystals, converting the 11 meter band to 11 megacycles, and installing a front panel overlay on the bandswitch identifying the bands in megacycles rather than meters.

I am the third owner of these units. I bought them from a ham who bought them from the family of the original owner who was a Collins employee in the Dallas area. The second owner stored them for 20 years and did nothing with them. I have an original manual for the receiver and also some paper documentation of the original owner’s having purchased the units through Collins on some kind of employee plan in 1958 for $850 total.

The 75A-4 has had the paper capacitors replaced as well as the line cord. It is in very good working and cosmetic condition with a 3.1 kc filter and 4:1 spinner knob. It also has black tube shields with corrugated inserts in the shields and the tube socket bases.

The KWS-1 power supply is in good working and cosmetic condition. The transmitter is not working correctly, sometimes it has drive and sometimes not. The transmitter is in good cosmetic condition with only a scrape on a top edge and imprints from the feet of the receiver that was stored on top of it for 20 years. The transmitter has the 4:1 spinner knob installed and has the same black tube shields with corrugated inserts as the receiver.

E-mail pmills7@xxxxxxxxxxx or call me at 281-910-2763 before 5:00 p.m Central time.

73, Phil  W5BVB

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