{Collins} FS INRAD 300Hz CW Filter for 75S-3B

Hi all,

FS: INRAD 300 Hz CW Filter model 712-S for the 75S-3B. It’s a few years old. I bought it for a friends (SK) receiver and it worked fine. It was used in a covered filter receiver in CW1 position. When he sold the receiver, he kept the filter.

Pictures available for the asking. Request only to my email address, not the list, please: w1xt@xxxxxxx

Payment by PayPal only and shipped only to a confirmed address in the 48 states. No return. Sold as is. Sorry, no overseas. Price $85 plus $10 shipping USPS Flat Rate box.

It’s shown on the International Radio Corp. website here:

Please note the photo on the website looks different than the unit I’m selling. I think their photo is old. Not sure. You can compare it to my photos. New price is $140.

Thanks. Bob, W1XT, Sun City West, Arizona.

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