Re: {Collins} FS 5Y3 TUBES-- WHAT'S LEFT

ALL THE REST ARE USED; IN A WHITE OR STANDARD BRAND BOX: $2.50 each unless indicated below:

        54,50,  57,52

1 X National Union:
1 X Tung Sol:
2 X RCA:
        ,58,50  ,
        52,46 –($1.50 this one only)

Single tube ships 1st class for $2.60 at 4 oz)

I do not charge packing or handling fees. Do not pay till a confirmation email has been received. 1st come; 1st serve.
I use USPS for up to ~4 lbs and their rated apply from 76133. 14 oz and above = Priority Mail

Pay Pal via my email address or direct via QRZ listing.

73, Joe, WSØE

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