Re: {Collins} Question re 30S-1 to 32S( ) connection

There need not be another thread on this.  It has been discussed and
researched ad nauseum and the results are in the reflector archives and also
in the RX for your Collins on our website.  You should always check there
for answers when having any issue.

RX for Your Collins: 

The short answer is Yes, you can shorten it all you want!

Here is the link to the RX article,

and scroll down to page 16 of the Signal issue in which it appeared.

Hope this helps, and to others, let'
 Use the archives and not redo this issue..

Thanks,  Bill

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A question for the group:

Figure 1-2 Note 5 of the 30S-1 manual warns against shortening the
originally supplied 20.5 foot cable connecting the RF output of a 32S( )
transmitter to the RF input of a 30S-1. Does anyone have any thoughts on

Thank you for your input.

73, Lou W2LTF

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