{Collins} Collins 30K-1 Remote Switching and Question

Hello all, 

II find I’ve been using the 30K1/75A1 station more and more recently.
I found and restored it back in 2006, complete story here - https://w1ujr.com/collins-30k1-station/ <https://w1ujr.com/collins-30k1-station/>
But I do have some lingering questions, or things that I have been thinking about, and wanted to share notes with other 30K owners, or those knowledgeable with the transmitter.

Remote Switching
I am interested in speaking to other 30K owners who routinely use their transmitters on the air.
I’ve been running my 30K for last 11 years, using the “Send” switch on the 310A, but it’s been occurring to me that switch has a finite service life, and I’m better off using some external switch to operate from T/R.

RF In The Audio
I’ve been unable to use my rig on 40 meters without getting RF back into the audio.
Tried chokes, ferrite cores, etc. with no success. My microphone is a simple un amplified D-104, old school
I found that if I ran one side of the balanced line output to the transmitter cabinet, it helped somewhat, but still is not reliable, when I grab the mic with my hand the squealing starts again. My set up is as follows, 30K with coax to the Dow Key Relay, over to the Johnson Matchbox, then balanced line feed out to my 160 meter dipole. I’ve tried using a balun 1:1 between the 30K and the Matchbox, same issue with the audio. 

That’s about it, otherwise the unto has performed flawlessly since the restoration. 
It’s the centerpiece of my ham shack, and a joy to operate.

Would be nice to link up with some other 30K owners to share notes.

Bruce J. Howes W1UJR 🇺🇸

www.W1UJR.net <http://www.w1ujr.net/>
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