{Collins} FS: KWM-2, 516F2, 62S-1

*See my QRZ.com page for pictures. https://www.qrz.com/db/N5GX KWM-2 HF Transceiver* - SN 11642 (Winged Emblem)
Works on all bands 80 - 10 (Has additional crystals for the 28.300-28.500 & 28.700-28.900 segments)
The sometimes problematic electrolytic caps were replaced (C47, C102, C254, C259, C264)
Open frame relays were cleaned and working well.
Applied the Zener Diode mode to eliminate RX/TX frequency diff (aka "Vietnam Mod")
Balanced Modulator diodes replaced with modern 1N4148 and aligned.
Printed copy of manual. (All versions are available online at the CCA web site.)
$500 shipped CONUS only.

*516F-2 Power Supply*
Installed Radio Farm replacement board to solid state and wired unused rectifier filament windings to "buck" primary voltage to more typical circa 1962 levels.
No Cabinet and missing bleeder resistor cover.
CCA - FAIR (but fully functional)
$150 shipped CONUS only.

*62S-1 6 & 2 Meter Transverter*  - SN 11758
I use this setup regularly on 2 meter SSB nets.
Approx 65 watts out.
All interconnecting cables to the KWM-2 including the original HV adapter. There are 12 or so cables between the 62S-1, KWM-2, 516F-2 and 312B-4. Most are original Collins cables. All labeled.
The 94 MHz crystal for the 2 meter converter section was replaced. The original had become unstable.
Filter caps C100 and C101 were replaced with new electrolytics.
The transverter works great on 2 meters and receives on 6 meters, but has little or no output on 6 meters.  It appears that somewhere in the TX subunit when changing from 2 to 6 meters it does not switch all the tuned circuits  in that chain.  That area is so small and compact there is no way I could pursue it any further.
If you look at the pictures on my QRZ.com page you may notice a copper box sitting just above the blower.  That is an AMECO Nurvistor 2 meter preamp I found new in original box.  It plugs in line with the receive subunit and gets its filament and B+ from the 62S-1.  While not as hot as the GaAs modern preamps it gives enough of a signal boost so that the 62S-1 hears about anything my KX3 or IC-251A hears.  It could be removed in 5 minutes with no sign of ever being there.
Original Manual.
CCA - GOOD (even with the 6 meter TX issue)
$750 shipped CONUS only.

See my QRZ.com page for several pictures.  More available to interested.


Daniel Tosh  N5GX

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