{Collins} FS: 62S-1

The KWM-2 is sold and off to a new home, so the 62S-1 sits there all alone and needs to be moved on.  I offer it here once again at a reduced price to the CCA community.  Go to my QRZ.com page to see pictures here ... https://www.qrz.com/db/N5GX

Here once more is the description.  If you have question let me know.
*62S-1 6 & 2 Meter Transverter* - SN 11758

 * I use this setup regularly on 2 meter SSB nets.
 * Approx 65 watts out.
 * All interconnecting cables to the KWM-2 including the original HV
   adapter. There are 12 or so cables between the 62S-1, KWM-2, 516F-2
   and 312B-4. Most are original Collins cables. All labeled.
 * The 94 MHz crystal for the 2 meter converter section was replaced.
   The original had become unstable. Filter caps C100 and C101 were
   replaced with new electrolytics.
 * The transverter works great on 2 meters and receives on 6 meters,
   but has little or no output on 6 meters. It appears that somewhere
   in the TX subunit when changing from 2 to 6 meters it does not
   switch all the tuned circuits in that chain. That area is so small
   and compact there is no way I could pursue it any further.
 * If you look at the pictures on my QRZ.com page you may notice a
   copper box sitting just above the blower. That is an AMECO Nurvistor
   2 meter preamp I found new in original box. It plugs in line with
   the receive subunit and gets its filament and B+ from the 62S-1.
   While not as hot as the GaAs modern preamps it gives enough of a
   signal boost so that the 62S-1 hears about anything my KX3 or
   IC-251A hears. It could be removed in 5 minutes with no sign of ever
   being there.
 * Original Manual.
 * CCA - GOOD (even with the 6 meter TX issue)
 * $675 shipped CONUS only.


Daniel J. Tosh   N5GX

"God is in heaven, and thou upon earth: therefore let thy words be few."
 (Ecclesiastes 5:2)

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