{Collins} FW: refreshing the white indices on knobs

"Collins knobs were never painted and there is no problem that I know of.  I have been using Lacquer stick in my hobby for some 35 years and never seen a problem.  I also used it on aircraft knobs before that.  If someone has "beautified" their Collins by painting (Groan!) their knobs, then it would depend on what paint they use..  But, when I see painted knobs, I just remove the paint and buff out the knob."


Hey Bill, I thought ALL later S-Line knobs WERE in fact painted.
That's why they get so grungy looking when finger oils attack it and it starts to peel off.
It eventually gets bad enough that you can scrape most of the paint off with your fingernail.
I have removed the paint for a number of them and then polished the bare black Bakelite for a like new (but not satin) finish.

I've always heard the reason was that the military did NOT want the shiny knobs and insisted on a "satin" finish, which is only possible if the knob itself IS painted.

73, Charlie k3ICH


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