{Collins} Problems with KWS-1

Hi All,

For the past few weeks my KWS-1 was acting a little strange.Its output power seemed to change by 50-100 watts for no reason.It wasn’t too bad so I lived with it.I was in denial.About a week ago I decided to try to track it down.I first carefully checked the tubes and replaced a few that were weak. Then snap crackle and pop it stopped loading altogether.I still got plate current but the tuning had no effect.Darn- now I had a real problem.It was not easy to work on it where it was so I moved it to my bench.When I looked it over, I noticed that the heavy braid connection on the wiper on L401 had come apart.That didn’t look good.It was not easy to get to and I had to take the back and sides off.I replace the braid with some RG-8 shield and got it back together and tried it.No luck-This time no plate current at all.I hate it when I try to fix things and it gets worse. Then I realized that I forgot to reconnect the HV connector.Believe me the KWS-1 works a lot better with HV.Now all seems to be working.I am hoping that this also solved the power stability problem.

Great feeling to fix something that is almost 60 year old.


Steve KC5WN

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