Re: {Collins} WTB: HP 410C VTVM / Agilent 86540A Tracking Generator

Hi Rick......I have a late production 410C. The solid state board used in late models started at serial number 0982A22339 and ended at 25000. Any lower serial number was a conversion to solid state during repair as the tube version opto chopper assembly would stop working. My serial number is 23651 and has the rf probe and is calibrated using the HP738BR calibrator I still have here. I used to repair these meters but stopped ~4 years ago when I lost interest in refurbing them and the 410B. I also have the original solid state manual that goes with it. Price $300 plus freight.
Can provide pics if you are really interested.

Destin, FL

> On October 20, 2017 at 8:56 PM Rick Boswell via Collins <collins@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> WTB: later serial no. (all solid state) HP 410C VTVM with all probes, and
> HP/Agilent 86540A Tracking Generator, both in excellent working and
> cosmetic condition.
> Rick
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