Re: {Collins} FS Back Issues The Collins Journal- Sold

The Collins Journal back issues have been sold. Tnx for everyone's interest.



On 10/20/2017 4:43 PM, David C. Hallam via Collins wrote:
I have 23 back issues of The Collins Journal.  Sell for $15 + $6.50 Priority Mail in the US.  Use dhallam@xxxxxxxxxxx for PayPay

1/1996, 7/1995, 3-4/2005, 7-8/2005, 9-10/2005, 11-12/2005, 1-2/2006, 3-4/2006, 7-8/2006, 9-10/2007, 11-12/2006 3-4/2007, 7-8/2007, 9-10/2007, 11=12/2007 1-2/2008, 5-6/2008, 7-8/2008, 9-10/2008, 11-12/2008, 1-2/2009, 3-4/2009, 5-6/2009

  All are in good condition.  Some have a note written on them.

1466 Dexter Drive
Clearwater, FL 33756

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