Re: {Collins} 25 kc xtal calibrator

That is not an easy task. First, and foremost, 25 KHz crystals are not easy
to come by.  The lowest frequency that is readily available is 32 KHz and
that is a bar cut longitudinal mode watch crystal and they are by no means
as stable as the higher frequencies that you are normally used to using.

In order to do the job (25 KHz comb generator), you are going to have to use
a 100 KHz crystal and then go into the digital world and do a divide by 4
function. Then you can go back into analog and reap the harmonics.

It can be done, but I know of no one that has done it yet.  If you find a
design, let me know. I would like to have it for the records here.

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Hello, all. Is anyone out there aware of a modification to the xtal
calibrator in a 75S-3B that will produce a marker every 25 kc? I would like
to do it to mine if it is relatively simple.

Thanks and 73


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