{Collins} do any of the KWM2 have LUKE AFB property tags? need one suplue from Luke AFB

do any of the KWM2 have LUKE AFB property tags? need one suplue  from  Luke 
if  so  hold and  call me. 623 435 1522
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I have  two homes in Arizona one in Scottsdale and another in Parks, 
outside of  Flagstaff. I am consolidating to one home and will list the 
Scottsdale  home early next year I have and will sell the following 
items, *all  operational*. I have not included prices just yet, so as to 
not disrespect  the price requirement of this page, I will publicly state 
a firm  price  to this list for any items which are requested by  listers.

Items; Collins for sale--- 3/ KWM-2 with 516 PS all with Viet  Nam mod,  
32V3, 75A4, 75A3, 51J ser. 221, 51J4 late 7000 ser. with S  line knobs, 
51S1, 2/ 651S1 ( one VFD display and the other with later LED  display) 
R-388 back door project probably it is a R-388 with a 51J 2 panel  which 
was redone by Howard Mills. Photos available for any item if a deal  

Huge amount of HP test equipment and vintage SSB Central  Electronics- 
Hallicrafters, Kachina; call if interested in a specific  category. Thanks

Not really practical to ship the bigger units they are  available for 
pick up in Arizona or professional packing and shipping at  buyers 
expense.  Ted Hartson WA8ULG 928 635 1927 or cell 602 315  7372.

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