Re: {Collins} 25kc cal

Here is the listing and he did what I was talking about and it is all done for you.   Not your average piece of “tube gear” with all the charm that entails but will get the job done.  Obviously it is also not a “mod” to the 75S-3B calibrator but a whole different deal that would need to be cobbled in by disabling the 75S-3B calibrator, cutting into the switching wiring, deriving some power and then mounting it inside somewhere where it will not cause birdies. Note that this guy has done it by dividing down from 1 MHz, and not 100 KHz.


Me, I do not think it is worth it.  It will take some significant switching changes and really mess with the 3B.


But, if you are into this:





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Hello Warren their is a seller on eBay that has a kit to make a cal. And it can be used in tube/SS radios I'll try to find his eBay I'd for you . You might try doing a search. Darryl WA6TOO

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