{Collins} F/S WE 32S3 Switchcraft RF cables

F/S WE 32S3

I have a good condition WE 32S3 for sale. It was my S-Line a few years ago
but I have not used it in about 5 years.  I tried to fire it up and no
output or grid drive.  I do not have time to trouble shoot it so I’m
selling it for $400.

I’ve owned it for about 20 years and it was running when I put it away.  No
mods cosmetically very good.  The cabinet which is not shown in the
pictures is also cosmetically very good to excellent.  A few scratches but
straight and no dents or bends, paint is very good.

I also found two of the RF cables that went with it both marked
Switchcraft, 4 feet long very good condition $15 each.

Here is a link to the pictures, I’ll try to add the cabinet to the link
later today.


32S-3 $400 plus shipping

RF cables $15 each

I will foam pack and ship FedEx in a heavy-duty box.  Shipping will only be
the weight about 20 pounds from 35801, I’ll cover the foam packing and box


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