{Collins} Announcing CCA HF Comm User's Group

*** The Collins Collectors Association announces a HF Comm Users Group.***

The purpose of this group is promote the use, preservation and restoration
of the Collins Radio and Rockwell Collins HF Comm equipment.
This includes, but is not limited to, 618T-X Variants, 204F/H -1 Amplifiers,
651S-1/851S-1 Receivers, all HF-80 comm equipment and then moving into the
later airborne SSB comm like the 618U-x/718U-x SSB gear.
We are building (with your permission), a common shared email list for
exchanging ideas and resource material. This  email list is in its final
prep for first "mailing" and this first email will serve to give you access
to the list of members to date, and to allow you to exchange thoughts ,
needs, and anecdotal, or restoration related, info.
Note: This first email mailing will go out this week around the middle of
the week.  If you do not get the email by Thursday, please send me (just me)
an email (not this list) with your request to be included. I need your name,
address and telephone number where you can be reached and also your
permission to include this info in a master list that will be used to send
mailings for the group.
Note that this list WILL BE SHARED WITH THE OTHER MEMBERS. Also please give
a short summary of your interests and the equipment you have/status. If you
do not give your permission for sharing, then you will receive the list of
members, but your info will not be on the public list.
We hope that, in joining the group, you will not only share your needs, but
also help the others when the time comes that you have info or resources -
like manuals - that will help.
Eventually, this users group may have a section of the CCA website where
info can be focused, or at least links can be brought to a central point,
but the IT resources for this are tied up right now. That will have to wait
a while. We are in the process of getting more HF Comm related resources up
in the general listings (like manuals) - but this is a slow process because
of the size of these manuals for scanning and storing.
In process are more manuals - including the PRC-515 complete manual (By
Chapters) and the related service bulletins.  There are also some R-390
related scan files coming soon.  Our IT guy (Scott) has been moving both his
home and his business - IN THE SAME WEEK. Sympathy cards should be sent to
his QRZ address as soon as it's updated and your patience is appreciated.
Finally, we are also starting a HF COMM USERS GROUP NET.  This net will be a
little more structured than the Sunday CCA net. You must have, or be trying
to get, HF Comm Collins equipment. As much as is possible, check-ins should
be running this equipment. The net will be on 20 meters starting with a
monthly schedule. Then we will see where that goes.
NOTE: I am looking for inputs for frequency and times and also want
volunteers to step up for Net Control duties. I will be taking inputs for
this later in November.  I am too busy right now to handle this on top of
net organization.  The email forum will be up first and then we will work on
the net.  Be thinking about net control.  I would like to have volunteers
that ARE RUNNING COLLINS HF COMM gear and have 500 to 1500 watt capability
with good antenna.  I will be the first Net Control using either HF-80 (1 KW
Solid State) amp or running my 681U-4A/718T into a 204F-1 (1.5 KW).  Antenna
is Log Periodic or Inverted V @ 60 feet from Central Texas. Knowing Mr. Kerr
(KE1RR) he will also be one as soon as he gets organized in his new QTH.
If you are involved with any of the military, commercial or avionics SSB
comm gear, want to get involved, and do not think you are already on my
list, send me an email with your info and your permission if you desire to
give it, and I will make sure you are on the list.

Bill Carns, N7OTQ (Trustee K0CXX)
HF Users Group Advocate, CCA
Past President, Collins Collectors Association
Founding Board, Collins Radio Heritage Group
Editor, Signal Magazine (Retired)
Wimberley, TX
512 618 2762  (Cell)
512 847 7010  (Home)

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