{Collins} Did you know?

Did you know that this reflector is provided by the Collins Collectors
Association (CCA). This free service provides you with several ways of
dialoging with the greater Collins Collecting Community?


Did you know that the CCA has a great Facebook page where you can post to
the community and upload your pictures of recent projects or just show off
your shack? We just updated the home page - COME JOIN & LIKE US ON FACEBOOK
and get more from your hobby?

Did you know that, on our CCA website, there is a "RX for Your Collins"
section where there are a ton of repair and guidance articles relating to
many of the models you own?


Did you know that there are hundreds of pages of Collins manuals and service
bulletins that can be downloaded and printed, or just, viewed for free?


Did you know that all of this is free free free - then, if you would like to
join and support us, you get one of the best magazines in Amateur Radio
today?  The Signal Magazine comes quarterly and you get even more info on
your doorstep.   http://www.collinsradio.org/membership/    

   (For a good look, explore all of the free download back issues - after
two years - of the Signal @ http://www.collinsradio.org/signal/  That is
almost 20 years of back issues to peruse and learn from)

Did you know that, because of your support, and our efforts, the CCA is
growing and stronger than ever - - even as other hobby clubs struggle? Turns
out quality pays off. - - The equipment, the people of Collins Radio, the
company ethic, your participation . . .  and the resulting CCA contributions
- all quality - they all pay off... We are here to serve.


You are invited to explore the resources we provide. Like us on Facebook -
Come Join the Dialog - and enjoy!


Bill Carns, N7OTQ (Trustee K0CXX)

Past President, Collins Collectors Association

Founding Board, Collins Radio Heritage Group

Editor, Signal Magazine (Retired)

Wimberley, TX

512 618 2762  (Cell)

512 847 7010  (Home)


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