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I'd point out that, normally, most things don't start happening until you
get to 100 volts -- and by then it may be too late. If you have a variac
that measures current or some other ammeter that is always very useful.

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> Hi Bill
> I've built myself a bucking transformer that gets my excessive 125V line
> voltage down to 114/115V. And I've also got my hands on a variac. For the
> older units, A line and S line  that have been sitting in storage for a
> while, is there a publication that shows starting voltage and how many
> minutes/hours at that level and any intermediate voltages and times
> required to "bring up" the units before you run them on the full 115V? I
> looked at the index of articles you've kindly provided but could not
> identify this particular answer  although I'm sure the question has been
> asked before. Thanks in advance.
> Denis N5KX
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