{Collins} Trimmer tuning tool

Hi everyone, I would like to share an idea for a simple tuning tool I made
for the trimmer caps in the S/Line.  It lets you grasp the entire square
instead of using a screwdriver in the slot.  I thought this would help me
avoid any mistakes or damage due to my clumsiness.  The tool is made from a
small piece of 1/8" square brass tubing attached to a small screwdriver.
You might have to gently file the inside of the brass tubing just a little
bit to fit over the square, this is easily done with a small needle file.
It is much easier to see this with a picture, so if anyone is interested I
am glad to send 2 pictures showing the construction.  I know this tool is
not absolutely necessary and we all have been getting perfectly good results
for over 50 years using just a screwdriver, but I hope this may help someone
who may need to loosen (gently!) a stuck trimmer or is afraid of clumsy
mistakes like I make.  Thanks for the BW and 73, Mike W2IY

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