{Collins} Collins 30L1 resistor/cap board

Collins 30L1 Question:
I have a Collins 30L1 Amp.  It had been working just fine for quite some time.  Then on transmit I heard strong HV arcing noise.
I opened the cabinet, then took off both covers.  On the HV side just forward of the transformer I see the original capacitors.  They look pretty much OK.
BUT:  There is a cover disconnect with a grounder with two large resistors that go from the circuit board up to an insulated pass through to the other side.
Both of these resistors are burned out.  I can’t tell the value of either of them.  SO:  I looked at a schematic, but I am unsure of which two they are, or the values.
Can anyone here advise as to the value of these two resistors so I can change them please.
Also:  I understand there’s a modern alternative replacement for the old capacitor board for the 30L1 amplifier.  I was told it cost about one hundred American dollars.
Does anyone know where I can buy  the replacement board?  Perhaps how to proceed with that replacement?  I could probably do the job if I could get the gray cover off the rig, but it must have a trick to remove it.  I do have photos to show the burned out resistors and condition of the capacitors if anyone could assist me.
ALSO:  I also have another 30L1 that needs a set of tubes & maybe to be aligned or calibrated.  It has not worked in a while but it is a complete amp except for the tubes.  I would like to resurrect that unit also, but I am not sure how to proceed with that one.
If anyone can help, Please let me know what you think…  Thanks Ed.  K2USN……
K2USN@xxxxxxx or text 502-741-1811

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