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Update. I have since received information from Italy. Similar to the
Czech Republic, they require a Bank Transfer.  73s   Jim   W7JWT

We can supply small quantities of crystals (1-4 pcs) in fundamental or 3
rd overtone, from around 10-40 MHz.
Please note that the holder HC-6/U and HC-25/U are no longer in use.
They have been replaced by HC-48/U and HC-50/U.
The price is around 18,00 € / 20,00 € for each piece. Prices do not
include transport costs and customs duties.
Payment: bank transfer

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Hi All:  I thought I'd give you an update on available Crystal
I basically found four manufacturers and have had recent responses from
the first two listed. They are as follows:

Thanks. I hope this is useful. CUL & 73s  Jim  W7JWT

UK :

They are currently in business and indicate they are very busy since US
manufacturers have shut down. They are very reasonable and easy to work
They have a ‘minimum order charge’ of £22.78 GBP.  One crystal I think
is around £12. Buying 2 or more Crystals from them will reduce the price
per Crystal.
They are my choice.

Belgium :

Price for these crystals is  25 EUR ea

Lead time : 1-2 weeks

Shipment cost by courier depends to which city in the USA.

Italy :
  They did not respond to my E-Mail for info.

Czech Republic :

A New Zealand Ham had the following to say. Least expensive, but they
only take a Bank Transfer.
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