Re: {Collins} Packaging/crating of radios

I just did that! There are big boxes 24X24X36 unfortunately this will probably result in a dimension surcharge from the shipper I use sheet Styrofoam and bubbles to build up all but the front, Make a bed to support the radio mid way up the box I the use a plastic bag  full of bubbles to cover the face and put  Styrofoam spacers on the side of the face arranged so they don't touch knob, this prevents knobs from take a hit on shock, the radio shucks around in a safe space.This results in a premium for shipping, but will give the old fellows a good chance of survival. Without a regular account from FedEx, as an example, this might be a $125 shipping charge but that's life and also life for the subject radio. Seems like a lot, consider the consequences. Ted WA8ULG

On 10/27/2017 9:44 AM, John Kenney via Collins wrote:
I am considering selling three large radios (R391, R388, and SP-600). I am sure I will have little trouble selling them, but my immediate concern is how to pack and ship.  The R388 is in a sturdy cabinet (not original), and the other two are rack-mounted.  Any suggestions or advice?  John

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