Re: {Collins} Packaging/crating of radios

Please don't use peanuts. They will not protect your radio. Use bubble
wrap, all over. Don't be afraid of of the cost. If you want your rig to
survive being dropped five feet from a conveyor belt or a truck, use bubble
wrap and double box it. I was just talking about this to a friend. I had a
shipment from DX Engineering. It had bubble wrap wrapped around and in
between the parts, and then they used it to separate different parts of the
order. They use a large diameter bubble wrap, which I've never seen before.
Yeah, it's expensive. But it will save you in the end.


Jim - N0EKO


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> I am considering selling three large radios (R391, R388, and SP-600).  I
> am sure I will have little trouble selling them, but my immediate concern
> is how to pack and ship.  The R388 is in a sturdy cabinet (not original),
> and the other two are rack-mounted.  Any suggestions or advice?  John
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