{Collins} KWM 2 Tuning Issues

So now it's the KWM 2 giving me grief.  Tonight, when I tune into a 50 ohm
dummy load, here is what I get when I go to LOCK (did not go to Lock Key in
the rows with zeros).

KWM 2 Tuning        Band Switch Plate Current (mA) Power Out (W)

10.28.18 3.6 75 15

3.8 50 10

7.0 0 zip, nada 0

7.2 0 0

14.0 120 25

14.2 120 25

14.8 90 15

21.0 100 15

21.2 100 15

21.4 0 0

28A 0 0

28B 0 0

28C 0 0

I have looked at the schematics at some length, and the manual as well,
which suggest a range of things that may be at play, given all the circuits
the band switch controls.. I have tightened the plates from the top of the
rig and also reseated the tubes, exercised the band switch slowly till my
hand hurts.

I am wondering, among other things, why such low power out in all cases,
and why 0 on some band switch settings.

Does anyone have quick reactions on where I need to start in order to trace
this down?

Thank you and 73,

Jim Ewing


Atlanta, GA

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