{Collins} For Sale Nice Round Emblem 516F-2 Cabinet and 5R4/5U4 Rectifier Tubes

Hi, I’m selling a nice Collins Round Emblem 516F-2 cabinet only.  It is in nice clean condition, appears to have original finish, original metal trim ring,  has a number 544 2867 005D stamped on the inside .  Only modification that I am aware of is the well done addition of a speaker.  I notice a few touch up paint spots on the bottom underside of the trim ring.  It’s been used with my Collins gear since around 1998.  Includes a used set of power supply rectifier tubes 5R4 and 5U4, removed from a working supply.  Please reply off list.  Email for photos.  Asking $200 plus shipping from 55110.  Thanks. 73, Scott WA9WFA

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