{Collins} A note to Collins museum- Tubbs fire consumed archives of Hewlett & Packard

The  Tubbs fire consumed the collected archives of William Hewlett and 
David Packard,  the tech pioneers who in 1938 formed an electronics company in a 
Palo Alto  garage with $538 in cash. 
More  than 100 boxes of the two men’s writings, correspondence, speeches 
and other  items were contained in one of two modular buildings that burned to 
the ground  at the Fountaingrove headquarters of Keysight Technologies. 
Keysight, the  world’s largest electronics measurement company, traces its 
roots to HP and  acquired the archives in 2014 when its business was split from 
Agilent  Technologies — itself an HP spinoff. 

(My added note)   And.... this is  why I continue to stress  multiple 
caches of  copies/scans of historical material... and sad... as in this  case 
here is  someone that  could have footed the bill and not missed the  money to  
do it.  
Ed#  Archivist  for SMECC

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