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That is certainly a personal choice and many have done it.  The problem is that those xtals are getting harder and harder to come by.




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Glen, Bill... what about the change in the BFO xtal frequency near 455 kHz from the standard issue in the -3 equipped with 200 Hz. CW filter?  I do pretty much CW and the issue with the 200 Hz filter once tuned properly is the CW pitch is too high for my taste. If CW is a favorite mode of operation, I would recommend the altered xtal freq. Sorry, would need to look it up, not at my finger tips the xtal frequnecy. Alan 


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I slightly disagree!  The 75S-3 is the 2nd best of the 75S- receivers.  The 75S-3A is the best! :>)  Of course, the only difference between the 75S-3 and 75S-3A is the additional crystal deck but having those additional crystals does add to the functionality of the receiver.  The performance of the 75S-3 and 75S-3A is identical.

Every 75S-3 and 75S-3A  came from the factory with a 200 Hz CW filter installed whereas the 75S-1 / 75S-2 had an optional 500 Hz filter that had to be installed after the receiver was purchased (this by decree of Art Collins) by returning the receiver to the factory, having the filter installed at an authorized service center, or the filter, and optional BFO crystal, were available to the end user so that anyone could do the installation.  In the 75S-3B / 75S-3C all CW filters were available at an additional charge.

By the way, the 200 Hz filter is a crystal filter, not a mechanical filter.  Also, there are a very few amateur radio operators who remove the 200 Hz filter from the 75S-3 / 75S-3A when selling one of those receivers.  The filter is then offered individually with the seller "claiming" that the filter was an optional accessory.  This is absolutely false!  Every 75S-3 and 75S-3A receivers came from the factory with the CW filter installed.

I have owned a 75S-3, do own 2-each 75S-1 receivers, and my primary receiver is a 75S-3A.  Also, I work on Collins equipment for others and have seen a fair number of 75S-3B and 75S-3C receivers.  I definitely agree with Bill that the 75S-3 / 75S-3A receivers are better than the 75S-3B / 75S-3C and considerably better than the 75S-1 / 75S-2 receivers.

 Glen, K9STH 

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Hmmmmmmmmmm - Functional difference..  On the most basic level - NONE!  They
are both receivers.  :-)

On a performance level - DAY & NIGHT.  The 75S-3 is so much better a
performer that you will not ever go back to the S-1.  Do not misunderstand,
the 75S-1 is a good (not great - but good) receiver - but the 75S-3 is so
much better.

On a more detailed level,
75S-1 w/ 10 tubes (stripping away the Xtal Cal, the injection and PTO Osc
and the PTO Cath follower leaves):
      RF Amp, 2 Mixers cascaded, 2 IF amps w/ Mech Fil. And either Product
or AM Detect/AGC rectifier combo and then one audio Amp.
      Thus, the basic receiver is 1 RF Amp, 2 Mixers, 2 IF amps w/ Mech Fil.
Loss and the detector and Audio amp
      Performance results from 7 stages, 3 of which have gains less than 1
-and then mechanical filter losses.

      The 75S-1 has no notch filter, no variable BFO

75S-3 w/12 tubes
    The same stripping away with the 745S-3 gives another stage of IF gain
(now essentially 3) combined with notch filter and separate AGC rectifier
and two stages of Audio gain. The technical result is better gain
distribution, selectivity,  audio out and AGC performance

The results are dramatic.  It is often stated that the 75S-3 is the best of
the S-Line receivers and I agree.
It has the variable VFO/Fixed BFO feature, Notch Filter (Aka Q-Multiplier)
and selectable AGC time constant (not found on the S-1).

While the 75S-3B/C is more "sophisticated with plug-in filters, it is with
the sacrifice of skirt selectivity.  In addition, the entire Gain
Distribution and AGC performance is somewhat less than the 75S-3 in my

I have attached the Sherwood Engineering Receiver Comparison Data (Highly
respected) for the S-3 and S-3B/C and while the filter rejection and dynamic
range may look better for the 3B/C, I can tell you that in use, the 3 will
win your heart hands down.

Make sure when you look for an S-3 that it has the CW mechanical filter.  It
was an option in the S-3.

I apologize to the list as I know that the file will not go through, but the
data is readily available at:

Have fun in your hunt!

Bill Carns, N7OTQ (Trustee K0CXX)
Past President, Collins Collectors Association
Founding Board, Collins Radio Heritage Group
Editor, Signal Magazine (Retired)
Wimberley, TX
512 618 2762 <tel:512%20618%202762>   (Cell)
512 847 7010 <tel:512%20847%207010>   (Home)

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Apologies in advance, as I am new to the world of S line equipment (but not
radio in general, nor HF-80 equipment).

What is the functional difference between a 75S-1 and the 75S-3?

Thank you!


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