{Collins} FS: Bird Coaxwitches

I thought I'd post these fairly rare Bird coax switches here before I post them elsewhere.

These Bird Coaxwitches are excellent for switching heavy metal transmitters and receivers.  They are rated at a reasonable wattage, but the Bird documentation notes that they will handle up to the rated power of the connectors.

NOTE THAT THEY ALL HAVE TYPE N CONNECTORS. All have dial faces, except as noted.

 * ONE 718, 8 Position Coax switch, VG - EX condition. $160

 * ONE 718, 8 Position Coax switch, excellent mechanically and
   electrically, but no dial. Rough looking, but no rust. Marked with
   RCA part number.  $150

 * ONE 72-2, Switches amp into or out of circuit. $160

 * ONE 72R, Switches two circuits into or out of circuits (I think)  $160

Please Google the part number and look at the Bird datasheet to make sure you know what you're buying.

PayPal OK, Prices include shipping.

Pictures available, just ask.

If you want all of them, I'll throw in a predrilled, black crinkle finish rack mounting plate (21") and give a quantity discount.

Thanks for looking


Bill Turini

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